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How to recharge car AC with R134A

R134a is the most popular refrigerant to charge the AC systems inside the car.
Keep in mind that you will need to vacuum the car if the AC is discharged completely.


• You need an AC main fold gauge and a vacuum pump.
• AC Main fold gauge has three lines : blue, red and yellow. Connect yellow to vacuum pump, red to large fitting and blue to small fitting in the car.
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Alternatives of R134A Refrigerant in CAR AC

In 1990′s the most popular choice for car AC refrigerants was R12.It was manufactured by Dupont and marketed as Freon. It was chlorine based (HFC or HYDRO FLUORO CARBON) and has a very high warming potential (8500). It was banned in the 90′s because of its adverse effect on Ozone layer and search for green refrigerants started.


R134a refrigerant replaced R12 for charging Car AC’s as it was effective in cooling and has a 7 times less warming potential (1400) than R12.In recent years ,EPA has announced
• All the vehicle models starting from 2011 has to use a refrigerant with a warming potential of less than 150.
• Starting from 2017 all new vehicles sold will have to meet the low global warming potential requirement.

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Volk TE37 replicas

Varrstoen ES2 Volk TE37 Replica

Varrstoen ES2

Volk TE37 are expensive and come at a minimum of $900 for one tire. Volk TE37 replicas on the other hand can be found at $1000 for 4 tires. And hence there is an interest for the replicas also.

The down side of the replicas will be that the weight would be more, they would not necessarily be made via spun forging for which Rays Engineering and Volk are know for. Also the material or the alloys might not be of higher grade.

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Volk TE37 Racing wheels are legends

If you think of stylish Japanese wheels the first name that comes to mind is Volk racing TE37.



Volk Racing TE37 Wheel

Volk made by Ray Engineering is a popular racing wheel and is supplied to Japanese cars like Honda, Nissan, Toyata, Mazda in sevaral racing series. It is considered to be of very high quality and is one of the lightest and most stylish wheels in the market.
The wheel is made from high grade alumunium via forging process which lets the wheel have less material but higher strength and durability.

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