FAQs on R410A and R22 Refrigerants

Why R22 is replaced with R410A?

Its performance is similar to R22 and it does not contain chlorine and hence it is less damaging to Ozone layer.

Top R410 and R22 refrigerants:

Volume (in lbs)
Rating (out of 5)
254.9$100.00 + $25.00 shipping
List Price: $179.00
1.85.0$75.00 + $12.00 shipping
304.2$64.00 + $26.70 shipping
304.0$325.73 + $29.05 shipping

Can i buy R410A Legally without certification?

Unlike R22, R410A is not covered under refrigerant sales restriction. So any home owner can buy cans or cylinders of R410A.You don’t need to have any certification.

Can i put R410A in my R22 AC System?

No. The air conditioning cycle of R410A and R22 are same but there are some major differences. R410A operates at 60 % higher pressure than R22 and so it puts extra pressure on all AC components. It is also not compatible with mineral oil used in R22 Systems.

What are the Popular Brand names of R410A Refrigerant apart from ones listed above?

GENETRON AZ-20, SUVA 410A, Forane 410A, and Puron.

What precautions are needed to fill R410A AC Systems?

It must be taken out in liquid form from cylinder to avoid its separation into individual components. A quick charge adapter is needed to convert refrigerant from liquid to vapour before it enters the suction line.

Is it necessary to change R22 systems to R410A?

Manufacturers will stop producing R22 AC systems from 2010 But the R22 refrigerant will be available till 2020.After 2020, there will be complete phase. So you don’t need to change your R22 system to R410A unless you are too big fan of Green planet syndrome.

Differences between R410A and R22 Refrigerant

• It operates in same temperature range as R22.
• It operates at 60 % higher pressure than R22.
• It uses POE oil instead of Mineral oil as in the case of R22.
• R410a is HFC (hydro fluorocarbon) while R22 is HCFC (hydro chloro fluoro carbon ).
• R410A has zero ozone depletion potential because it does not have any chlorine atom while R22 is not safe for ozone layer because of the presence of chlorine.
• Temperature glide of R410A is .2 while that of R22 is zero.
• R410A has GWP of 1975 while that of R22 is 1700.
• R410A is more energy efficient (about 5 %) than R22.

Different AC companies markets R410A under different brand names

• Carrier brands it as Puron
• Dupont brands it as Suva 9100
• Rheem brands it as ProZone
• Lennox brands it as Environ
• Sanyo brands it as Cooleron

Some points to remember while doing leak testing for R410A

• It is illegal to vent R410A in air as it is protected under clean air act.
• Repair any leak that is over 15 % of annual system charge.
• Ultrasonic and electronic leak detectors are good for testing any R410A leaks but avoid Halide leak detectors.

Take care of below points while charging or evacuating R410A air conditioners

• Recovery cylinders are grey (with yellow top).They must be rated for 400 PSI. Never fill these cylinders to maximum capacity.
• While charging R410A cylinder must be inverted and refrigerant must enter as liquid inside the AC unit.
• Color of R410A Cylinder is pink.

How to replace existing R22 systems with R410A?

• Compressor, evaporator coil and expansion valves must be changed while replacing old R22 systems with R410A because R410A operates at higher pressure than R22 and so puts different kind of demands on AC unit.
• Also remember to remove all traces of mineral oil.
• Use only driers rated for R410A.
• Replace the old AC pressure lines (copper).

Do i need different manifold gauges for R410A?

Yes. The R410A operates at a much higher pressure on both low and high sides than R22 .

What is the usual pressure on low side and high side of R410A?

It will be between 110 to 140 PSI on low side and 250 to 400 PSI on high side.

I am retrofitting my R22 AC TO R410A.Can i use the same existing AC pressure lines (copper)?

No. Your old copper line was not designed to handle the extra pressure caused by using R410A.Using it can damage your AC, increase leak chances and compromise on performance. Copper is costly and you can sale it separately.

Will i loose Warranty if i mix R22 and R410A?

Yes. A system is designed to perform for a single refrigerant. Mixing two refrigerants will create a pressure different from the one system was designed for and it can damage AC and impact the performance.

How to know that my AC contains R22 or R410A?

Try the below methods

• Make a note of model no and brand and call the manufacturer.
• Check the manual provided to you for the used refrigerant.
• Check the nameplate (usually on outdoor condensing unit) for type of refrigerant used in your air conditioner.

Is it illegal to release R22 in air during charging or servicing of R22 systems?

Yes. The clean air act prohibits the release of R22 in air. The R22 must be collected for reuse during servicing, evacuation or charging.

Does California have separate laws?

Yes. Please check them with your manufacturer.

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