Learn everything about Refrigerant Labels

All refrigerants (including R410A, R22, R134A,etc ) have a unique label designed for them. All refrigerant or blends have a unique background color to separate it from other refrigerants.


Information on Refrigerant Labels

• Name and address of the company (and technician) who performs Retrofitting on your air conditioner (AC) is listed on the label along with Date.

• Trade name and charging amount of refrigerant or blend use to charge the AC (Air conditioner)

• All the information about lubricants like its trade name and amount.

• Ozone depletion is printed if refrigerant contains any component harmful to our ozone layer.

In short, the label contains all the information about the servicing, technician and refrigerant used in AC. It is very helpful information for technician recharging your system. For example, If you want to recharge with R744.The technician can check the label and find the refrigerant in the system. If you charged with R744 last time then he will simply recharge the system. If the label states any refrigerant other than R744, he will evacuate the system before filling AC with R744.

Colors assigned to some Common Refrigerants

• CFC-12 White

• HFC-134a Sky Blue

• Freeze 12 Yellow

• Free Zone / RB-276 Light Green

• Hot Shot Medium Blue

• GHG-X4 Red

• R-406A Black

• GHG-X5 Orange

• FRIGC FR-12 Grey

• SP34E Tan

• R-426A Gold

• R-420A Dark green


Some refrigerants like GHG-HP,  IKON 12 is not assigned any color because it is not in the market. But the refrigerant needs the unique color before it is sold in market.

Label is generally placed on a place where it can be easily seen. For example, on the name plate, product information label or near the equipment which is going to be charged initially.