R22 phase out dates

Hole in ozone layer is discovered over Antarctica in 1985.Because of this hole, Ultraviolet light can reach the earth and harm both the humans (skin cancer) and plants. In 1987, USA and other developed nations signed Montreal Protocol as an effort to protect ozone layer by reducing the use of CFC and HCFC .In 1993, the Schedule to end CFC and HCFC are announced. The production of CFC ended on 1996 and all ozone depleting substances (HCFC including R22) will face a complete ban on 2030.


R22 is a danger to Ozone layer as it contains chlorine and has very high global warming potential. So a complete phase out of R22 is planned by 2030.Important dates and phase out information of R22 are listed below:

Jan 1 2004

Complete ban on HCFC-141b as it was most harmful HCFC and the production of R22 Refrigerant was reduced to 35 Percentage below USA baseline as agreed in Montreal Protocol.

Jan 1 2010

Production of new air conditioners designed to work with R22 refrigerant is stopped completely. Components for servicing of existing R22 air conditioners will be manufactured along with the R22 refrigerant for existing R22 AC Systems.R22 production is 75% below USA baseline as per Montreal Protocol.

Jan 1 2015

The Production of R22 will be reduced ninety Percentage below the USA Baseline.

Jan 1 2020

Ban on manufacturing of R22 refrigerant. Only recovered and recycled R22 will be used to service existing systems.

Jan 1 2030

Complete ban on import and production on any HCFC Refrigerant.

Some Other programs for Green Planet and to protect ozone layer

  • In 2009,USA government led by Obama announced the clean cars program. It sets the Greenhouse emission standard of Cars
  • EPA granted permission to California to set its own emission standards in 2009 because of its severe environmental problems.