Refrigerant blends or substitutes other than R134A for car ac

EPA has approved below refrigerants under its SNAP (Significant New Alternatives Policy) Program as an alternative to R12 in car air conditioners other than R134A .You must buy only EPA approved refrigerant if you want to use a refrigerant blend other than R134A.


• R-134a

• Carbon Dioxide (R-744)

• FRIGC FR-12 manufactured by Intercool distribution

• Free Zone/ RB-276 manufactured by Hi tech refrigerants

• Ikon-12 manufactured by IKON Corp

• R406A/GHG manufactured by People’s welding

• GHG-HP manufactured by People’s welding

• GHG-X4/Autofrost/chill-it manufactured by People’s welding + Mcmullen oil products

• Hot shot/ kar kool manufactured by ICOR

• Freeze 12 manufactured by Technical Chemical

• GHG-X5 manufactured by people’s welding

• SP34E manufactured by Solpower

• R-420A manufactured by RMS of Georgia

• R-426A manufactured by Refrigerant solutions ltd

• R-152a

• HFO-1234yf manufactured by Honeywell


Sales Restrictions apply on all these refrigerant blends. You need Section 608 or 609 technician certification to buy these refrigerant blends.

EPA Has rejected the below refrigerants under its SNAP program as an replacement for R12.

• OZ-12 manufactured by OZ technology

• HC-12a manufactured by OZ technology

• Duracool 12a manufactured by Duracool limited

• R-405A manufactured by Greencool

• R-176 manufactured by Arctic Chill


Please see that your refrigerant blend is approved by EPA before replacing R12. Any manufacturer has to submit its refrigerant blend to EPA 90 days prior to marketing it. The EPA takes the help of many laboratories to check the refrigerants for GWP, Ozone depletion, toxicity, fire hazards, etc. The EPA approves it if passes all tests.


R-401A,R-401B (manufactured by DuPont), R-409A (manufactured by Elf Atochem),Care 30 (manufactured by Calor Gas) etc are illegal to use as replacement for R12 as these refrigerants are not submitted to review under EPA.