Volk TE37 Racing wheels are legends

If you think of stylish Japanese wheels the first name that comes to mind is Volk racing TE37.



Volk Racing TE37 Wheel

Volk made by Ray Engineering is a popular racing wheel and is supplied to Japanese cars like Honda, Nissan, Toyata, Mazda in sevaral racing series. It is considered to be of very high quality and is one of the lightest and most stylish wheels in the market.
The wheel is made from high grade alumunium via forging process which lets the wheel have less material but higher strength and durability.

Volk Racing TE37 is a forged 1 piece Wheel. It is available in various colors which include White, Bronze.

volk te37 racing wheel bronze


volk te37 racing wheel white


They are available sizes from 13 – 19 inches.
For European cars it comes with accessory

Volk TE37 is available for almost all cars including Porsche and Ferrari.

volk te37 wheel in porsche

Volk TE37 Racing Wheel in Porsche

Interesting trivia


  • Rays Engineering donated its 170 Volk Racing wheels in the 2006 movie “The fast and the furious – Tokyo Drift”.
  • The 37 comes from 3.7 kgs which is the weight of their entry level size 15x6JJ.
  • The first TE37 was launched in 1996.

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