Volk TE37 replicas

Varrstoen ES2 Volk TE37 Replica

Varrstoen ES2

Volk TE37 are expensive and come at a minimum of $900 for one tire. Volk TE37 replicas on the other hand can be found at $1000 for 4 tires. And hence there is an interest for the replicas also.

The down side of the replicas will be that the weight would be more, they would not necessarily be made via spun forging for which Rays Engineering and Volk are know for. Also the material or the alloys might not be of higher grade.

Varrstoen ES2

These are modelled after Volk TE37 19″ though they come in 17″, 18″ and 19″.

Varrstoen 2.2.1

Varrstoen 2.2.1 Volk TE37 Replica

Varrstoen 2.2.1

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The Varrstoen 2.2.1 is a six spoke competition wheel, light and strong and is ideal for both passengar cars and racing.

This is for Nissan and Subaru.

They are available in following sizes:

  • 17 inch
  • 18 inch
  • 19 inch

These come with Matte black finish though in 19″ a couple of wheels are available in Hyper black finish also.

Rota IK-F

Rota is a 28 year old company. The tires are made in Phillipines and are affordable. There are couple that are Volk TE37 replicas.

Rota IKF Volk TE37 replica

The Rota IK-F is a replica of the Volk Racing TE37 wheel, but at only a tiny fraction of the cost. It is available in 17″ and 4 and 5 lug patterns.

IK-F is available in white color.

This is suitable for Nissan, Subaru and Mazda.


Rota GRID Volk TE37 replica

Grid from Rota has many options and colors.

eBay also lists some Volk TE37 reps for sale from time to time.

There are a few reps in China that copy Volk TE37 but they are unbranded and cannot be easily found everywhere.

Check out some volk TE37s available at Amazon:

Do you know about more replicas? Share them in the comments below. We will love to hear about the TE37 reps.